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Maya unknown node에러.

이 에러때분에 일주일간 스트레스 받았는데..작업하다 꺼지고 랜더링 걸다 에러나고..더 심하게는 아예 저장파일이 안열리거나...

덕분에 살았다.


Some people happens to run into a problem when trying to save a Maya Binary (.MB) file to Maya ASCII (.MA) file. An error message would pop up mentioning, 'File contains unknown nodes or data. To preserve this information, the current file type cannot be changed.' 

In this case, you can write this MEL script to look for the 'unknown' node(s):

ls -type unknown;

A list of unknown node(s) will be generated.

You can delete them by typing:

delete `ls -type unknown`;

By deleting the unknown nodes, the problem should be solved. =]

 UPDATED 12.01.2010 :

Thank you to Ariel for adding extra info.

If it says "Cannot delete locked node", make sure you get the name of that node and select it, and then type:

lockNode -l 0;

Then type again:

ls -type unknown;

delete `ls -type unknown`;

간단히 하자면은 

ls -type unknown;

delete `ls -type unknown`;

을 MEL스크립트 창에 써넣으시고 실행하시면 됩니다.

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