Vimeo ICE Tutorial for Korean.

우리나라 유저를 위한 한글강좌사이트이다.


Bubble Shader Compound for Autodesk Softimage

Softimage 관련 참고 사이트

Softimage ICE_VolumeFX (Fluid,Fire)

Particle Volume Cloud (Softimage 2010 VS Softimage 2011 )

eX-SI Support


aaOcean Release -- Tessendorf Ocean Waves

FiberMesh To Strands

FiberMesh To Strands allows you to convert your sculpted FiberMesh from Zbrush into a Strandsetup in Softimage.

there's an updated version of the plugin available which adds support to import FiberCurve Guides directly into Softimage.
more info on the update:

download the addon here:
(creates the new menu entry 'FiberMesh To Strands' under Get>>Primitive)

and here's a little extra information:

have fun